a business manual for generation why.

truth.growth.repeat. is a jargon-free guide to finding enduring commercial success for your small business or startup when your personal why is placed at the core of everything you do.

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a business manual for generation why.

about the book.

Purpose is the new black in business, but it’s already being dangerously misunderstood by company owners the world over. It’s not about brand image, it’s about truth. The authentic motive that drives your desire to deliver a win-win for you and your customer.

This book is a plain English guide to surfacing your true purpose as a business owner and implementing it for a life of personal fulfilment and financial success (yes, you can have both). 

The generation why on the cover refers to the growing number of business owners of all ages and backgrounds who are rejecting the self-serving nature of conventional corporate behaviour and creating a new kind of capitalism based on authenticity and pride, not duplicity and greed.

If that sounds like you then truth.growth.repeat. is your user manual.

Author Mike Edmond

about the author.

Author Mike Edmond

Hi. My name’s Mike and I’m the Chairman and Co-founder of Meerkats Creative Business Solutions in Perth, Australia.

My co-founder Ronnie and I describe our company’s role as liberating the commercial value of authentic human motivation by helping organisations find their True Purpose. Unlike ad agencies, we create way more business solutions than ad campaigns. And for the past 13 years we’ve been doing just that for large corporations, small challenger brands and not-for-profits in almost every category of free enterprise.

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